Youtility: Official Video Trailer

This is the official trailer for my new book, Youtility. Do you like it? Tell your friends via Twitter (click to tweet), or share on Facebook. Direct URL is  Thanks! ~ Jay

Todd Wheatland
over 1 year agoMay 23, 2013
Seeing the intensity of comments around this book launch, it's clear I'm not the only person who's benefited from Jay's help in the past. Great trailer vid, can't wait to get my hands on the book.
about 1 year agoOctober 19, 2013
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about 1 year agoOctober 25, 2013
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about 1 year agoNovember 16, 2013
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about 1 year agoDecember 19, 2013
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In which being hooked on in-your-face gore and then the bullying is and better normal within United states television set and even, to help you state temporarily a suit I personally developed earlier, those people programs could become successful, yet too frequently one can use them exploitatively as well as reducing inventive income. Which happens to be amazing  [url=]Longchamp Bags[/url]  saying that I'm afraid of for any U . s reprise for "The Given back,In in which A&E is growing.Since i monitored france exhibit, it was actually to not compile a real thought number of apparent problems which might be probably going to be created that language translation. Skull-crushing abuse might be a normal characteristic, and then simple indications around the factor for the revenue will most likely be inflated straight into a creaky, foolish mythology that no-one can care for. I'm afraid for those professional who are made to look and feel intently for a computer screen and also repeat significantly shrill techno-babble with regards to so why all of the lifeless are growing out of their burial plots, blah blah blah. All the mythology, your quarrels and also the gore can be very amplified for you to ramp up the particular U . s citizens version's commercially made opportunity, along with the melancholy creepiness and even makeup rigor from the People from france option might pass all of the wayside. Yet let us not really get ahead regarding our own selves! It isn't really particular that A&E variety is certain to get produced, thus you will discover plenty of time to enjoy very first and turn grateful who Sundance shipped in this low-key and yet carefully came to the realization gem stone. In case you liked Sundance's "Top from the Lake" and also "Rectify" -- not to mention BBC America's "Broadchurch" or maybe the Netflix transport "The Fall" -- which all reveal a comparable dedication towards nature, complexness, all of the unforeseen interplay involved with effects including a visceral perception of place, you may just enjoy "The Go back.Centimeter Think of it, as it were, mainly because artisanal, small-batch shock -- a strong old-world vintage which goes back to the basic principles and even helps to make the a majority of it really is carefully preferred products."The Returned" airs 8 delaware.mirielle. Ensuite Thursdays for Sundance Route.Johnson McGee we take a look at "The Returned" during this week's Chatting T . v . podcast, which is certainly around in this article, in i-tunes and then below.
11 months agoJanuary 16, 2014
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David Pylyp
over 1 year agoJune 5, 2013
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David Shaw
over 1 year agoJune 18, 2013
Perfect timing for this book! Really looking forward to reading this.
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